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Optimising your page

  1. Click edit on any page of your Site Synergy website
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click on page properties
  3. Update the Title tag with your most important keywords. An accountant in Sydney might have: Sydney Accountant | Accounting Services | Business Name

    With the above example you will notice Sydney Accountant is at the beginning of the title and the Business Name last, as search engines will give priority to what is at the front.


    1. no need to repeat keywords. Theme your pages around your most important keywords and make sure you have unique titles and descriptions for all pages.
    2. Optimum length of titles is: 69 character including spaces.

    Update the Description tag with your most important keywords.
    An accountant in Sydney might have: Looking for an accountant that thinks outside of the box? Sydney Accountants are what you need.



    1. Optimum length of description is: 156 character including spaces.

Search engine marketing tips for business websites:

  1. By using the title and description you have control over what gets shown in search results. In the below search results example the blue is the title and the black is the description, so you can see this is a great marketing opportunity to make people click on your listing result.

    Make sure your title is reflective of your most important keyword.
    In the Accountant example we would want the title of the page to have Sydney Accountant


    If you don’t update the Display link in the page properties your navigational links will become too long, as they will default to the Page Title of your page in the prior screen

  3. Don’t use H1 for any of your headings in your content as the Title option is already using this, and each page should only have one h1 tag, which tells search engines what is the main focus of this page. A good ideas is to backup up the title of the page, with relevant content on the rest of the page and use H2, H3 etc. (You can have multiple H2’s or other tags)
  4. Don’t forget to use Google’s free keyword tool to see what keywords are actually being searched for.

    When you are doing your research you are normally only concerned with the local results not global (make sure your locations option is set to Australia), unless you are targeting business outside of Australia.

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