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  1. Click on the page of your website that you want to add side content to, (if you are not in Edit mode click the drop-box at the top of the page and select Edit Mode).
  2. In the icon bar above the text area click onEdit
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Publishing Schedule. This will display the Publishing Schedule light box.
  4. In the Publishing Schedule lightbox, there are two fields to control the publishing schedule of the page.

    Start Publishing
    • Start Publishing: Immediately - The default value is set to Immediately which means that the page will be published immediately after clicking the Publish button.
    • Start Publishing: Specify - The page will not be displayed until it reaches a date that you specify.
  5. Stop Publishing
    • Stop Publishing: Never - The default value is Never, which means that the page will always be visible to the public
    • Stop Publishing: Specify - The page will automatically be hidden from the public when it reaches a date that you specify.
  6. After entering the dates for the publishing schedule, click OK to save your changes.
  7. Click Publish to complete the process.
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