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Insert a music file

  1. Make sure you are in Edit mode (click the dropbox at the top right corner of the page and select edit mode)
  2. On the page that you want to edit, go to the icon bar above the content area and click Edit
  3. An editing page will now load that has a formatting toolbar and the text area editor.
  4. Position your cursor in the text area where you want to insert the music file. Click the Insert Resources icon on the toolbar. This will open the Insert Resources light box.
  5. In the left section of the Insert Resources lightbox there are two options to upload a music file.
    1. Browse your website resource files for the music file you are after. OR
    2. Upload a music file from your computer to your website resources files. (Click on Choose File found at the bottom left of your screen. This opens up your computer directory. Click open once you've found the music file you are after, then click upload file.) Now browse your website resource files to locate the music file you just uploaded.
  6. Check if the absolute directory of the selected music is correct in the Source field. Select if either you want to Insert actual object (a play button 'player' will be displayed in place of your file link) or Insert as a link by checking the radio button besides the option. Now click Insert.
  7. A link to the music file is now inserted.
  8. Click Publish. The music file is now published and a player is automatically embedded.
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