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Formatting Bar Overview

  1. Make sure you are in Edit mode (click the dropbox at the top right corner of the page and select edit mode)
  2. On the page that you want to edit, go to the icon bar above the content area and click on Edit
  3. An editing page will load that looks like this. Refer to the article Edit Text for information on how to correctly add text to your page.
  4. Section 1 of the formatting bar:

    • PaintBrush: Choose from different predefined formatting styles
    • Backwards Arrow: Undo any change that you have recently made
    • Forwards Arrow: Re-do the formatting that you just un-did
    • Clipboard: Paste any content that you have copied from another page or program
    • "B”: Bold text you have selected
    • "I”: Italicize text you have selected
    • "U”: Underline text you have selected
    • "A”: Change the colour of text you have selected
    • Paint Bucket: Highlighter tool - highlight text you have selected

    Section 2 of the formatting bar:

    • Top row, First button: Left align text
    • Top row, Second button: Centre align text
    • Top row, Third button: Right align text
    • Top row, Fourth button: Justify text
    • "H": A drop down to choose heading styles
    • Bottom row, First button: Create a numbered list
    • Bottom row, Second button: Create a bullet point list
    • Bottom row, Third button: Indent text to the right
    • Bottom row, Fourth button: Indent text to the left
    • "A”: Display the text style selection

    Section 3 of the formatting bar:

    • First dropdown: Select a font
    • Second dropdown: Change the size of the font
    • Third button (stylised "S”): Toggle the strike through on or off
    • Fourth button: Turn the superscript on or off (an example of superscript: A2)

    Section 4 of the formatting bar:

    • First button (globe on paper): Insert a page link to any page on the site
    • YouTube button: Insert a YouTube video via a link
    • Flickr button (blue & pink circles): Embed a flickr photo via a link
    • Portrait page: Insert a resource from within the site resources folder
    • Landscape page: Insert an image to your specifications

    Section 5 of the formatting bar:

    • First button (blue table): Insert a table
    • Second button (table with a pencil): Edit the table
    • Third button (orange grid): Choose an autoformat for the table that you have selected
    • Fourth button (the chain link): Insert a hyperlink into the document
    • Fifth button (the anchor): Insert a bookmark on the page for easy navigation of long pages

    Section 6 of the formatting bar:

    • Omega symbol: Place special characters on the page (e.g. $, %, @, #) without having to copy them from an external source
    • Line button: Insert a line across the width of the page that will allow you to signify the end of a section
    • Pencil & text dropdown: Insert page breaks, listings, etc.

    Section 7 of the formatting bar:

    • Binoculars: Find and replace text
    • Blue box: Have the editor go full screen to make it easier to edit large amounts of text
    • Eraser: Remove all formatting for selected text
    • html button: View the source code of the page
  5. After formatting your text, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Publish.
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